About Us

Founded by seasoned professionals with decades of hands-on experience, our company brings a fresh, contemporary perspective to the commercial refrigeration, coffee, and foodservice industry. We offer an international range of high-quality commercial cooling, cooking, and cleaning equipment tailored for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops, ice cream and beverage vendors, food retail and display sectors, food preservation, and the bio-medical and healthcare segments.

Our products are designed to withstand the most challenging tropical conditions, from high ambient temperatures and wide voltage fluctuations to the humid climates of coastal areas. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of emerging opportunities in commercial refrigeration and food service. We provide a comprehensive blend of top-notch products and solutions, supported by a reliable service backbone, to address the industry’s pain points effectively.

Our mission is to empower our customers to upgrade and enhance their businesses with innovative, dependable solutions.