Celfrost Ice Flake Maker AF-80 (undercounter with bin)

The AF-80 ice flake maker can make a whopping 73 kgs of ice flakes in 24 hours and is comes with built-in bin storage of 25 kgs.

Flake ice is perfect for display of fresh fish or for use in buffet service by hotels as it moisturizes and refrigerates all fresh products to perfection. Flake ice has a residual water (unfrozen) content of 25%, thus capable of transferring moisture onto the products being refrigerated. Flake ice is also perfect for use in research labs and bio-medical, life sciences and healthcare applications.

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Technical Specifications

Ice Flake production / 24 hours 73 kgs
Ice Type Flake
Dimensions (wxdxh) 21 x 25 x 33 inch (including legs)
Storage Bin Recommended Built-in
Bin Storage Capacity 25 kg
Water consumption 2.2 lt/hr
Electrical Consumption 3.5 kwH per 100 kg
Net Weight 51 kg
Refrigerant R-134a