Cooktek Induction Cooktops – Standard Series

The standard series of Cooktek induction is available in single or double burner (hob), counter-top (MC) or drop-in (MCD) models. The double burner (hob) versions are available in front-to back or side-to-side configurations

Key Features:

  • 0-20 Power settings or 85-500?øF (30-260?øC) temperature settings
  • Simple, familiar-feel control via single rotary knob and one button
  • Crisp, clean red LED display shows power level or temperature
  • Entela certified, NSF, and CE approved

How Cooktek Induction Works
CookTek??’s induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic energy to heat cookware made of magnetic materials. When the unit is turned on, the coil produces an alternating magnetic field, which ultimately flows through the cookware. Molecules in the cookware move back and forth rapidly, resulting in very precise and controllable heat.

The cooktop’s Ceran’ glass-ceramic surface is unaffected by the magnetic field, since it contains no magnetic
material. The cooktop remains relatively cool – cool enough to touch without burning.

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Variants Available:

Single Burner (Hob)
100-120VAC / 1500W
100-120VAC / 1800W
208-240VAC / 2500W
208-240VAC / 3000W*
208-240VAC / 3500W
Double Burner (Hob)
200-240VAC / 2500W per burner
200-240VAC / 3000W per burner*
200-240VAC / 3500W per burner