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Pre-owned | Huono Combi Ovens KPE / CPE Series | 6 Tray

Pre-own details:

  • Condition: Excellent
  • Used For: 8 Month
  • Warranty: Currently Under Company Warranty
  • Price: Use Whatsapp Message Window to inquire
  • Delivery Location: All India

About the Machine:

Huono offers the most comprehensive range of combi ovens. They are great for baking bread to
roasting chicken and steaming vegetables in fresh brilliant colours. There’s
virtually no limit to its capabilities. Huono Visual Cooking oven is an experience.
Visual Cooking meets the needs of quick service restaurants, full service
restaurants as well as high’capacity kitchens.


  1. Steaming: The intense steaming function guarantees juicy, tender and colourful vegetables
  2. Poaching: Poach delicate items like fish & eggs, they will turn out moist & juicy.
  3. Baking: Imagine 320 Danish pastries in one oven load – all baked to perfection.The reversible fan ensures optimum distribution of heat and steam
  4. Grilling & Roasting: ClimaOptima?? – the intelligent humidity control ensures the right
    amount of steam in the oven chamber, for roasting mouthwatering fish, chicken – crisp on the outside, tender and juicy inside
  5. Frying & Pan Frying: You can pan fry lamb, cutlets or a whole range of breaded products – ideally browned or crisp even on the underside – whether it is 1 piece or 100
  6. Regenerating: Combi ovens with injection steam – a perfect solution for regeneration
    of food.

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Key Features:

  • Steam technology: steam generator & injection steam
  • Reversible fan ensures perfect baking and cooking results
  • Adjustable fan speed with 9 steps
  • Optional door hinging, left (standard) or right
  • 2-piece rack
  • Timer function with current time, date and timer
  • Manual humidity pulsing
  • Preheating up to 300?øC
  • 2-step door handle for maximum safety
  • CTD Cool Touch Door (max outside temperature of 65?øC)
  • IP X5 protection
  • Cabinet and oven chamber in BS 304 S 31 stainless steel
  • Easily detachable door seal
  • Indicator of water shortage in steam generator
  • AFS Auto Flush System in steam generator
  • Various voltages
  • Table model prepared for stand

Models and Technical Specifications:

Huono is available in different sizes (number of trays) and options to have boiler included/excluded.

Model Trays Dimensions (wxdxh) Weight (kg) Max Wattage (kw)
KPE / CPE 1.06 6 899 x 831 x 795 150 9
KPE / CPE 1.10 10 899 x 831 x 1055 190 18
KPE / CPE 1.16 16 899 x 831 x 1592 270 28
KPE / CPE 1.20 20 899 x 831 x 1852 300 36