La Cimbali Coffee Machine – S30 Fully Automatic

The LaCimbali super automatic S30 offers unprecedented levels of service with its 10.4′ touchscreen display and ability to serve ‘snowmilk’ and the best known beverages. Titanium S30 grinders deliver fantastic quality coffee and on-board sensors re-calibrate the grind as required.

In addition, the machine offers up to 12 different coffee recipes with the choice of 3 types of milk foams, making the WMF Espresso a popular and incredibly versatile addition to any business, including cafes, restaurants or in the office environment.

S30 employs the most recent technical innovations with a Steam Jet to heat cups, an automatic portafilter recognition and isolated components to ensure that it is energy efficient.

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Features of S30 Coffee Machine:

  • Two air cooled bean hoppers to hold different types of coffee beans(Espresso and Caf?? Cr??me)
  • Extensive software settings with the easy to use touch display
  • Brew time monitoring with software-assisted grinding degree setting
  • Fully-automatic cleaning of components that come into contact with coffee
  • Two integrated grinders and automatic tamping
Width 723 mm
Height 580 mm
Depth 540 mm
Cups Per Hour Up to 300 Cups
Power 6.0 ‘ 7.0 kw
Water Supply Plumbed

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